Let’s Crack This Down

The past grip of months have been insanely BUSY. What with my daily job and the wedding business, I feel abhorred by how I’ve neglected my blog and my readers out there. However though that is NOT an excuse, I’m hoping I can make it up to you all with the next few blog posts. With my computer, my main hub of all my resources and things, crashing, Thanksgiving and Christmas break filled with mixed emotions, now its New Years Eve, and a billion of other tiny things poking out here and there; I’ve been doing my best to get back into my routine of things. This also includes getting back to my routine of eight hours of sleep. Which has not been successful…seeing as how  I have SOOO MANY THINGS boggling in my brain, keeping me up at night.

This year has been amazing having done ten weddings in the year of 2015 and then having a professional photo shoot. Its been cah-razy busy yet super fun! I’ve learned a lot from multiple lessons and aim to become all the more wiser for the future. Bring it on baby! Tiffany’s got it! WOO! Right now its returning photos and getting these beautifully photos published hopefully in a magazine or blog! I am so glad that I’ve been a part of multiple professional mixers getting to meet established vendors and other planners. It has been so eventful! I’ve got to experience so many different wedding styles, witness and worked multiple weddings, seen so many beautiful venues, and meet all different types of people and clients.

Now I definitely aim to take what I’ve learned and showcase it. As of today I just took on another full time job. Times are hard and money can be saved but also as rent prices increases in San Francisco…I gotta do what I gotta do to pay the bills and keep the roof over my head. However even though there are all these current changes I will definitely do a better job in keeping up with my blog post.

As for the year of 2016:

The upcoming events are as follow:

  1. I will be helping out a colleague in an upcoming wedding show in San Francisco in January.
  2. I will also be showcasing my company in an upcoming wedding show in San Jose.
  3. A few weddings to do and participate! Yay!

As more details come into play! I definitely keep you all posted! I will definitely tell you, especially those who know me on a personal level, my flame is on high heat and I’m ready to bake a cake and serve! ^.^

In reference to that, I’ve ignited my passion and its hotter than ever! No longer on medium heat and keep it warm…its hot now! hahaha!

On an end note! I just want to wish everyone a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Woo Hoo!!! 2016! Its going to be another great year!


CHEERS & Happy Planning!

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