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In the recent month, I’ve had the opportunity of attending a Knot Mixer with my colleague, Marianne. It was a spectacle that I felt honored to attend. It confirmed that this was the right path for me! I got to meet other vendors and bumped into a few colleagues, fabulous catering companies with scrumptious dessert that were to die for, insightful speakers, and inspirational table settings and designs. One of the insightful speakers, happened to be Sullivan & Botello. When I was studying for my certification, Sullivan & Botello were one of our speakers. Its amazing how San Francisco is so small yet looks so big. With that, Marianne and I were glad to see them once again and even happier that they recognized us. Its like a celebrity sighting! Fangirling now!



The Asian Art Museum

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McCalls Catering


Patisserie Angelica


As the weeks passed, my family and I faced an unfortunate situation. The great thing is that during the holidays, we became closer and formed a way to help us all ease our mind. With the numerous trips at midnight or weekends, I was able to feel like myself and had a gust of inspiration. Thoughts of different time settings, locations, table-setting, poses, and conversations have helped form a new idea that I intend to launch as soon as I can! I’m super excited!

With Thanksgiving and the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passing, the rain has entered our lovely city. It’s that time of month where we are in the heart of the holidays. On top of that its engagement season! Dun dun dun dunnnnn! That’s right! Let’s cozy up with our significant other and put a ring on that finger!

I’m so excited! My favorite holiday is 22 days away, however my favorite season has already invaded! Time to take out the decorations and decorate with our loved ones…Don’t forget the bling!

~ “Now put your hands up! Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh!” Dance break!~


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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