Let’s Crack This Down

The past grip of months have been insanely BUSY. What with my daily job and the wedding business, I feel abhorred by how I've neglected my blog and my readers out there. However though that is NOT an excuse, I'm hoping I can make it up to you all with the next few blog posts. With my computer, my main hub of all my resources and things, crashing, Thanksgiving and Christmas break filled with mixed emotions, now its New Years Eve, and a billion of other tiny things poking out here and there; I've been doing my best to get back into my routine of things. This also includes getting back to my routine of eight hours of sleep. Which has not been successful...seeing as how  I have SOOO MANY THINGS boggling in my brain, keeping me up at night. This year has been amazing having done ten wedd...

A New Beginning!!


It's the start of 2015, and we might as well go out with a big BANG! Over the holidays I got to spend a lot of time with my family and friends and I have to say that THAT is the best gift in the world! This Christmas, I got the chance to travel with a friend/model of mine, Audrey, down to San Luis Obispo and Southern California. The best thing is when you get the chance to see familiar faces, update each other on current situations, laugh, drink, and dine! Its like the ultimate kickback! Here are a few pictures: One of my favorite parts of my mini trip was to Solvang, California. A piece of Europe close by!

The Latest…

In the recent month, I've had the opportunity of attending a Knot Mixer with my colleague, Marianne. It was a spectacle that I felt honored to attend. It confirmed that this was the right path for me! I got to meet other vendors and bumped into a few colleagues, fabulous catering companies with scrumptious dessert that were to die for, insightful speakers, and inspirational table settings and designs. One of the insightful speakers, happened to be Sullivan & Botello. When I was studying for my certification, Sullivan & Botello were one of our speakers. Its amazing how San Francisco is so small yet looks so big. With that, Marianne and I were glad to see them once again and even happier that they recognized us. Its like a celebrity sighting! Fangirling now!   [caption id=...

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