It’s summer in San Francisco which means it’s still pretty chilly. The twist is that the sun is out casting its glow over the city, lighting up the town, and showing every mystery that San Francisco has to offer! My favorite is when it gets extremely hot; it reminds me of my college days back in Southern California. Well besides that, it’s also the heart of WEDDING SEASON! It’s a fever that can’t lower its temperature. This is where I can showcase my client’s vision with my own hands to their loving family and friends. The best thing is not only just the reception; it’s all about the process from what started out as a couple’s vision that was sketched on a piece of paper to the actual event. Front and center. It’s about family, where a new couple will be taking their firs...


Welcome to the Tiffany’s Events & Designs Blog! Here guests and clients can read about the current projects that I am and will be embarking on. There will also be posts that relate with the topics of weddings, events, designs, new sites in the city or outside of the city, down to color palette combos, and inspiration that keeps cooking up new ideas! However that is not all, there will be postings of current events as well as tidbit planning tips just to add in your knowledge bank. Knowledge is power is what I believe and it’s intuitive that every person goes out of their way just to seek that. Then again…you could just read my blog! Let’s sail off and enjoy the mysteries the world, city, state, or even your local floral market has to offer!

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