An Evening With Audio-Ecstasy

It’s that time. Music rolls and lights flash as we bring up the latest….VENDOR SHOUT OUTS!

Who’s in the spotlight?

Audio-Ecstasy Event Sound & Lighting

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to spend the evening hanging out with the owners of Audio-Ecstasy, John & Dianne Roca. They are proud owners that service the Bay Area. One of the greatest things about this adorable pair is how strong their relationship is. It’s an image that romantics look for within themselves. They are so charming and hilarious, its impossible to not be drawn to such incredible personalities that are so deeply in sync. Just interacting with them, I feel warm, special, down-right silly, and best of all, myself. They are so open to any possibilities on each specific project that they venture towards. For me, I find that rare and it shows how far they will go to personalize my photo booth experience, just-for-me. Who wouldn’t love that type of interaction that would lead to a great outcome? After experiencing this, I wouldn’t doubt that they have the magic touch to tailor your event, from scratch, and make it into a memorable event.

Here’s some of the services Audio-Ecstasy has to offer for your big event:

1. Professional DJ/MC

2. LoveSnap: High-resolution Photo Booth & Red Carpet Runway Experience

3. Wedding Services: “Month-of”coordinator and partial services

4. Private Event Services: Anniversaries, cotillion, quinceanera, and much more

5. Lighting: Custom monograms, gobo wash, uplighting, and much more

With that…on to what happened on this lovely night…Dun dun dunnn!

WARNING: Before you look…be warned for possible intense laughter may abrupt. Falling off your seats is a side effect!

So I did my best to stay serious…I. just. could. not! It was just way too funny!! Being a person that loves to laugh, this was a difficult task, as you can see below…

image_1 (1)Self4

 image_2 (1) image_4 (1)

Had to take a break from laughing too much…so it was John & Dianne’s turn:

image_5 image_2 J&D2

Now all jokes aside…or not…let’s mix us together…



Hahaha! With all the great conversations and getting the chance to work with John & Dianne, I had such a blast! This was an unforgettable experience!

Thank you John & Dianne!!

Contact Info:

John Roca or Dianne Roca



Phone: 415.322.3052

**If you mention my name and company when you inquire, they will take $75 off any DJ or Photo Booth package!

Happy Beginnings!

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